Enjoy Luxurious Couples Accommodation in Sunshine Coast for a Romantic Getaway and Retreat

With the long days and continued effort that you put in, you earn a holiday from time to time. As you and your partner start looking for couples accommodation in Sunshine Coast, there are few options that compare to what’s available with Lyola Pavilions in the Forest in Maleny. We have two unique pavilions filled with modern amenities in a secluded, natural setting. Learn about the potential for a romantic getaway in Sunshine Coast with either of our well-situated pavilions.

Blend Modern Comfort with the Beauty of the Natural World for Your Couple Retreat in Sunshine Coast

In many ways, nature has always been the greatest artist. The beauty of the forest, the sound of water flowing down a stream, and the liberating feeling of true seclusion are only possible in a natural setting. We have two pavilions located near the national park in Maleny, each overlooking the pristine beauty of the rainforest nearby. See birds, kangaroos, amphibians, and other amazing sights as you walk the grounds.

When you retire to your accommodation at night, you can spend quality time together in the climate-controlled comfort of your pavilion. Alternatively, you can take the time to visit Maleny village located nearby and enjoy high-quality restaurants like The Terrace for fine seafood and a lounge atmosphere.

Our Relax Packages include a welcome bottle of wine paired with excellent local cheese, and a therapeutic massage for two in your pavilion. Experience the pleasure of luxury in the natural beauty of the revitalised rainforest of Maleny.

Holiday Guilt-Free with Our Eco-Friendly Accommodation

We believe that good, responsible stewardship is both a privilege and an obligation of hosting our retreats in the beauty that Maleny has to offer. When you join us for a couple retreat in Sunshine Coast, you are contributing to the continued regrowth efforts of the rainforest. We’ve constructed our pavilions with specific attention to minimising our environmental impact.

This initiative began with an energy-efficient building design courtesy of the award-winning GOMANGO Architects firm. Today, we are completely self-sufficient for water and power, relying on the naturally-plentiful rainwater and solar power to keep everything running in the pavilions without contributing to a significant carbon footprint. Finally, we source as many products as possible locally–this commitment keeps our transportation costs and ecological impact low while treating you to the fantastic quality found in Maleny’s milk, cheese, soaps, juices, and even homemade aromatherapy products.

Learn More About Staying with Lyola Pavilions in the Forest for Your Romantic Getaway

When you spend your holiday in our pavilions, you may truly experience the seclusion and comfort you’ve been seeking. Reignite the spark and wake up overlooking a mist-filled forest valley below. Clink your wine glasses to toast the setting sun outside as your evening begins on your terms. During the day, explore the rainforest to see the wildlife in its natural setting. Contact us to enquire after available booking or to learn more about our luxury accommodation options.