Experience Treetop House Accommodation in Maleny

Try Maleny treetop house accommodation for your next getaway and dine overlooking undisturbed rainforest teeming with native plants and animals. Enjoy complete privacy while you stroll through 55 acres of nature and relax in surroundings that contain all the amenities of home. Lyola Pavilions in the Forest offers two completed secluded houses for a private experience communing with nature. Our private accommodation is perfect for a honeymoon, romantic getaway, or any occasion to escape the hustle of the modern world for a relaxing retreat.

Treehouse Accommodation in Maleny Respects the Environment

Our environmentally-friendly accommodation is built on solid ground and is self-sufficient, utilising rainwater and solar power to provide you with the comforts of home. Each unit is surrounded by various species of trees for privacy and spectacular views. Dine overlooking the treetops and let the sounds of nature lull you to sleep.

Explore Your Surroundings in Privacy

Our two pavilions are spaced far apart to provide you with complete privacy while you’re enjoying the night sky or the outdoor shower. Explore the subtropical rainforest on foot and discover a crystal clear swimming hole to cool off after your hike. There are plenty of native species of plants and animals to spot to occupy your time. Watch koalas eat native plants and count the number of different bird species you discover occupying the forest. Catch a goanna sunning itself on the rocks and watch butterflies float on the breeze.

When you’re ready to explore Maleny, you’ll find quaint shops and cafes in which to while away the hours. Visit an art gallery and explore local organic farms for fresh produce to whip up a light meal in your fully-equipped kitchen. Grab a bottle of local wines and cheeses for a relaxing evening by the fire. Visit the nearby botanical gardens to experience native plants, flowers, and birds in a beautiful setting.

Enough Room for Extra Guests

Our Maleny treetop accommodation comes standard with a queen-size and twin-size bed so that you can bring an extra person along for the adventure. One of our pavilions is wheelchair-accessible, so including an individual with disabilities on a nature trip is easy. We ask that you leave children under the age of 10 at home as well as your furry companion: we are a nature refuge, so no pets are allowed on the property.

Our treetop accommodation creates the perfect place in which to disconnect your teenager from electronic devices that have replaced human interaction and expose the entire family to what nature has to offer. Get your ageing parent out into a natural setting that will revive and invigorate and provide stories for his or her social club. Have a girl’s weekend to get away and recharge with a spa treatment and homemade aromatherapy items and light breakfast treats provided especially for your stay.

Mo matter how you wish to spend your time, our private accommodation allows you to commune with nature while still enjoying all the comforts of home. For more information on our accommodation or to book a reservation, contact us via telephone or through our website and start packing for an experience you’ll never forget.