What You’ll Love about Our Private Maleny Hinterland Rainforest Holiday Accommodation Packages

If you are ready for an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life and looking for a relaxing Maleny private accommodation where you can get away from it all, book a stay at Lyola Pavilions in the Forest. Here, we have everything you need to breathe easy, commune with nature, and replenish your energy stores. Here are some of the things you’ll love about our breathtaking rainforest accommodation in Maleny.

A Calming Nature Retreat

There’s nothing quite like spending a few days in a natural environment, with the sounds of the city replaced by the wind rustling through the trees and the songs of wild birds and other wildlife. Our Maleny accommodation is set 2.5 kilometres from the main road, so you won’t find rows of cabins or hotels–instead, you’ll enjoy a private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Lyola Pavilions in the Forest is the perfect spot to visit when you want to get away from other people, your job, your schedule, or anything else causing you strain to reconnect with nature, spend time and energy on your own well-being and self-care, and completely relax.

Amazing Maleny Accommodation

At Lyola Pavilions in the Forest, you’ll discover two secluded pavilions that we affectionately refer to as “Hide” and “Seek.”

  • Hide Pavilion: Hide is a soothing, earth-toned hideaway with stunning views of the rainforest valley. You can access Hide by boardwalk free of stairs, making it suitable for guests with disabilities. Here, you’ll enjoy the sounds of the forest stream below, which creates a quieting ambience for you and your travel companion.
  • Seek Pavilion: Seek is alive with style and panache. To access Seek, you’ll take a treetop journey on a tall boardwalk to the pavilion. The walls of Seek peel back to reveal an incredible view, letting the outdoors spill into your living space. Each morning, you’ll awaken to magnificent sunsets and the misty lakes below.

Extra Touches

Our Maleny Hinterland Holiday Packages include plenty of the special extras that make your time away exceptional and memorable. When you arrive at your Maleny accommodation, you’ll find a welcome bottle of wine and delicious local cheese. We also provide hot bread and homemade jam each morning. You can also enjoy a three-course meal at the Terrace Restaurant (excluding alcoholic beverages) and morning or afternoon tea for two. Therapeutic massages for two right in the comfort of your room are also available. If you’d like, we would be happy to make restaurant bookings for you at award-winning local eateries.

Visit Lyola Pavilions in the Forest

We have been operating our hideaway for almost 20 years with two private pavilions located deep in the rainforest ten minutes from Maleny. Our holiday accommodation is perfect for solo travellers wishing for solitude, couples looking for romantic getaways, and families with children over the age of ten.

Our Hide and Seek pavilions are situated carefully so that you cannot see one from the other; if you wish, you’ll have complete privacy throughout your stay. Enjoy a solitary bushwalk or swim anytime you like. If you would like to spend your holiday taking in the natural beauty of the rainforest, contact us today.